Pyramid service

Habán, as most says, the queen of the ceramics.

Many people know and like it, indeed they are enthusiastic about it, after all very few.
In the last two years we worked hard to increase the lovers of Haban art's numbers, and present it wide. We believe that, Habán motives can be displayed on non traditional form ceramics. We have to develop such surfaces for the forms that able to present this motivesystem.

Haban conics

We developed a new exclusive product line, a lidded dinner service. This kind of dinner service has never been published. The feature of this, that a full one-man plate service are located under the cover, where you can find all the components of every kind of meal. We produced the service peace's form similar to the big cover. We worked with different geometry forms.

As far pyramid and conic forms are available. We made series of both forms with traditional Haban pattern...

Haban pyramids

We want to present Haban culture in wide range with the new products line who never met it.

We though the well-known pyramid energy can be displayed and develop, because everyone remember pyramid from the form of conics. Some literature says that energy concentating under and above the right form covers, which can harness direct and non-direct way. Foods and drinking stores the energy. And vitality turns into edible.

Not only the pyramid form areable to energy concentration. Golden Section designed forms work with the highest efficiency.

We designed the dinner service accordingly.

The presentation of non traditional new forms which made by old fashion technology and based Haban culture:

Egypt pyramids

At the decoration of dinner services we choosed other nation's and era's motives outside of Habán. We started series, which present egypt, hindu, marine wildlife, paleontology worlds. We are working on further forms and presentation of other culture.

Hindu pyramids


With the above dinner service the dinning table, by the treats of culinar, friends with different culture makes the stage of direct connection making.

Marine wildlife conics

We made a picture series from masterpeace of islamic architecture and mosques.


Alabaster Mosque - Kairó


Abu Dhabi




Szikladom - Jeruzsálem

Hagja Sophia -Blue Mosque

Habib Burgiba Pavilon - Tunézia

Tadzs Mahal - India



Ajmani maingate

Sármecset - Szahara, Mali

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