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The Master of Potter's craft, József Marozsán decided to continue the best traditions of 'Habán" handscraftmanship when he set up his workshop in Leányfalu, many years ago. This product incorporates the best artisan and craftsmanship traditions in Hungary. The pottery painted exclusively by hand according to the 'Habán" patterns has a good market. These articles are sold in a wide assortment at the gift shop in the Hungarian National Museum and Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest apart from those in Szentendre, Esztergom and Visegrád.

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored this product as Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft in 2002.

New products!
We developed a new exclusive product line, a lidded dinner service. This kind of dinner service has never been published. The feature of this, that a full one-man plate service are located under the cover, where you can find all the components of every kind of meal. We produced the service peace's form similar to the big cover. We worked with different geometry forms.

As far pyramid and conic forms are available. We made series of both forms with traditional Haban pattern...

Yours sincerely Marozsán József

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